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radKIDS Whole School Participation Letter

radKIDS is a life skills course based on safety education.  radKIDS does not tell kids to be safe, it teaches them how to be safe.

The radKIDS program uses a multi-method approach to teaching concepts and skills that will enable children to make good choices and avoid dangerous situations.  Though radKIDS focuses on making choices and habits that are safe, it also teaches how to escape from a dangerous situation whether that situation is physically or emotionally dangerous.

Students love to learn how and when to physically protect themselves.   Students use protective pads and drills to practice what they are learning.  This creates muscle memory and reprograms instincts enabling students to have a faster reaction to a dangerous situation.  Whether it is being careful to not burn your fingers on a microwave, bullies, or an attempted abduction, radKIDS make radKIDS plans they can implement on their own.  The only person always with a child is his/herself–radKIDS teaches them to protect themselves.  radKIDS is making a difference, one child at a time.