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Fireball High Five

Compliment a teacher or staff member for the great work they do every day with the form below or an email to the principal and we will post these compliments here on our website.
The following are positive emails regarding our staff:
Suzie and Kristie--
Hello!  I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for Mrs. Ackley and let you know what an amazing teacher she is.  She comes up with the best acronyms,  which sounds funny,  but it is so fun for the kids!  She believes in the kids and verbally praises them for doing well and improving instead of pointing out shortcomings.  I volunteer in her class and have never seen her raise her voice with a student.  Also,  she has been so incredibly supportive of my son.  I could not ask for a better teacher in his life.  Last week I explained the idea of teacher professional development to my son and he responded that he didn't think Mrs. Ackley needed those courses because she was already perfect.  My son has challenges, but Mrs. Ackley is always right there ready to comfort and help him navigate his world.  
Additionally,  we couldn't ask for a better principal and assistant principal.  You both have made our time at Eastlake fantastic. I hope you both have a wonderful day!
A Parent

Dear Principal Williams,

We would like to express our appreciation.  Our daughter is in third grade with Mrs. Demass, and she has already made such a difference in her life this year. We appreciate how Mrs. Demass is outside each morning giving each child a genuine greeting in line, even when it is not her turn to bring in all the classes. She is so positive and gives individualized attention to the students. We hear about her kindness and enthusiasm for her job, and we appreciate how that has influenced her outlook towards school. Our daughter is excited to go to school each morning and has since decided she would like to be a teacher when she grows up!
We know that a positive learning experience for children depends on many factors. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful neighborhood school with caring administrators, office personnel, teachers and volunteers. Thank you for all you do to make Eastlake a successful school! We know much of what you do may go unnoticed and possibly unappreciated, but we truly thank you, Mrs. Demass, and all others who make our school such a great place to learn.
A Parent

Mrs Williams,

I just want to say thank you for being such a positive, bright principal for our kids at Eastlake! I am always impressed when I see you with how respectfully and kindly you interact with each student, and you know students names! An impressive feat for a large student body. I know that means a lot to my son.
I was so impressed with how you worked with that adorable little first grader today. She broke my heart. It's so comforting as a mom to know that if my child had a problem at school, they would be treated so warmly and with care when I wasn't there to give that to my child myself.
Thank you for being such a wonderful force for good for our school!

Mrs. Simi - You've been an answer to our prayers. Our daughter wanted to be home schooled and when she found out her friend was in her class she changed her mind... then came home the last two days from being around you and she has been so happy she made the choice to go school. I know you'll be a lasting impression on her. We feel blessed. Here is to a great year!

Hi Mrs. Williams,
I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for such a great year for us. Like every family, we had a few issues, and I appreciate how things were handled with my son  and his playground trouble this year. I was able to keep from going 'mama bear' because I knew I could trust you (and Kyle) to be on top of things.
I also wanted to brag on one of your teachers. I truly hope she stays at Eastlake, because I dearly want her to teach my other kids. As you probably already know, Lori Ackley is an AMAZING teacher; honestly the best my kids have ever had. I feel like we hit the lottery with her. I've never seen a more organized, thoughtful, tender but firm, comforting teacher. First grade is such a big deal, and she does it so very well. Her curriculum is a dream, and her classroom runs so smoothly and with a seemingly effortless grace.
We are staying at Eastlake, and I hope we have you as principal at least until 2028, when my youngest will leave elementary school. 😜😀
All the best-

Mrs. Williams,

I’ve been a fan of Eastlake for many years now since we moved here in 2011 but you’ve taken it to a new high in my book.  Now I’m not only a fan of Eastlake but specifically a fan of Suzie Williams.  The way you handled our son who crossed a line that disappointed me was a great lesson for both me and my wife.  Your positive nature is infectious.

My wife and I look forward to the remaining time at Eastlake for our children.  Thank you!