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Faculty & Staff


Administrative Offices  Email Class Website
Principal Kristie Howe
Assistant Principal Adrienne Yancey
Administrative Asst. Tiffany Page
(AM/PM - online) Vanessa Black
(PM) Brooke Mueller
(AM/PM) Kerry Hoffmann
First Grade
Maureen Fullmer
Jennifer Bowen
 Chinese/English Taralyn Timothy Miss Timothy's First Grade News
Chinese Jiatong Zhang
First/Second Leonee O'Brien
Online Teacher Cheryl Holland
Second Grade
Sheila Staley The Staley Review
Online teacher Priscillia Suchil
Emily Evans
Chinese Caiping Sun
Chinese/English Ciara Horner
Lori Ackley
Online teacher Angela Hamilton
Third Grade
Andrea Utley
Trisha Batty
Online Teacher Angela Jenkins 

Katie Shaw
 Chinese Online Ruby Fisher
 Chinese Xin Luo
Chinese/English Patricia Armacost
Fourth Grade
Online Teacher Lindsay Speer
Online Teacher Diane Thompson
Cami Ramirez
Mikaila Anderson
Robin Ashton
Chinese/English Brittnee Jarvis
Mrs. Jarvis Class News
Chinese Xiaoyu Fan
Fifth Grade
Kerry Simi
Online Teacher Amy Forbush
JoAnne Frost
Jennifer Burr
Nate Cluff
Chinese Samantha Sutherland
Chinese Thomas Boulay
Sixth Grade
Elaine Cloward/
Katie Webb
 Mrs. Cloward's 6th Grade Dragons
Online Teacher David Berry
Chinese Christina Madsen
Chinese Christina Ma
Marc MacCauley
Crystal DeMass
Instructional Coach Veronica Holyoke
Arts Specialist
Jackie Webster
Resource Cyndi Thomson
Jessica Anderson
Speech Chelsea Orton


Guidance Miriam Walkingshaw -School Psychologist

Erin Thorpe-School Counselor

Lunch Manager Trisha Mortensen
Custodian Dave Bankhead