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Safe Walking Routes

To learn more about the benefits of walking and biking to school, safety tips, and monthly challenges with exciting prizes, visit Safe Routes Utah's website.

Eastlake's Safe Walking Routes map

Safe Walking Routes Descriptions

Adult crossing guards will be on duty at three locations around Eastlake: 1) Isla Daybreak Road directly in front of the main school entrance, 2) Directly west at the intersection of Topview Road and Isla Daybreak Road, and 3) At the intersection of Indigo Sky Way and Isla Daybreak Road. Sixth-grade safety patrol will assist students using crosswalks in the school parking lot before and after school only.

Students are to cross onto the school property using crosswalks and with the assistance of a crossing guard in front of the school where possible. All students should be respectful to crossing guards and safety patrol members. Please caution students to use sidewalks, walking paths, and crosswalks.

Zone 1 North/West

Dual Language Immersion (DLI) students who are on permit and are walking from Brookside Homes north of 10400 south will walk along South Jordan Parkway to Topview Road where the crossing guard will walk them across South Jordan Parkway. At Topview Road, they will head south and walk along Topview Road, turning east at Mille Lacs Drive. Students will walk along Mille Lacs Drive until they reach Ozarks Drive, where they will turn south and walk to the crossing guard in front of Eastlake Elementary School.

DLI students on permit who live north of South Jordan Parkway and east of Oquirrh Lake Road will walk up Clarks Hill Drive or South Jordan Parkway to Topview Rd. to cross South Jordan Parkway with the crossing guard. They will continue to Mille Lacs Drive where they turn east to Ozarks Drive. At Ozarks Dr., students will turn south and walk to the crossing guard in front of Eastlake Elementary School.

Zone 2 South/East

Students walking from Jordan Heights subdivision west of 4000 West and just north of Daybreak Parkway should walk along Hampton Way, Eureka Dune Drive or Tippecanoe Way to 4000 West. Students should use the crosswalk and follow the traffic light signals to cross 4000 west at Daybreak Parkway (11400 South). Students living in Jordan Heights, west of 4000 West, will walk to the corner of 4000 West and 11400 South to the walking trail. All students should continue to walk upward, following the walking trail west toward Topview Road. Students will walk along Topview Road and cross with the crossing guard on Eastlake Elementary property.

Bused Students

Some students living on Tippecanoe Way, Ivey Ranch Road, and Coastal Dune Drive just west of Bangerter Blvd. are bused to Eastlake Elementary. On the far west boundary of Eastlake, some students living on Split Rock Drive and Bear Trap Drive are also bused.