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Registration and Enrollment

Registration and enrollment





Registration Information

Welcome to Eastlake Elementary and Jordan School District! We are thrilled that you are joining us! 

1. Click the link and complete registration with Jordan School District.
District link to complete registration

2. Once you have completed the online portion of the registration, bring the following documents to Eastlake's front office.

Permit Information

Jordan School District enrollment page - This link is to the Planning & Enrollment permit information page. Links to the permit applications can be found on the right side of this page.

English application – this is a forwarding link to the English application.
Spanish application  – this is a forwarding link to the Spanish application.

Chinese Dual Language Immersion Registration

If you are interested in having your kindergarten student participate in the Chinese DLI program next year, please complete this form and bring it to the office. Even if you have a child in the DLI program, new students to the program need to have an application filled out. 

Virtual Elementary
Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary
will is open for students seeking a virtual option for learning. Additional information can be found here.