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School Information 2017-18

This is a link to school policies, school calendars, and expectations for Eastlake Elementary

School Information 2018-19


Smith's Grocery Store Partnership Information

Dear Eastlake Elementary,

The Smith’s / Kroger Family of Stores is committed to bringing hope and help to our local communities. We do this through a variety of activities, including charitable giving, sponsorships and the unique Donation Program of Smith's. We are also committed to carefully protecting our customers' personal information. In order to meet their expectation of privacy, we have adopted a simple policy to never share a customer's personal information. Our privacy policy applies to program participants as well. As your neighborhood food retailer, we deeply value our ability to support local organizations like yours.

Because of the introduction of the new Smith’s Inspiring Donations program, this is your final donation check from our previous donation program.

Your supporters (94 households) who shopped at Smith's between 4-1-2017 and 6-30-2017 (Cycle 4, Qtr 2) have contributed to your $268.29 total donation. Your organization will be receiving a Kroger check in this amount within 30 days from now. If you have any questions, please email or visit our website at Thank you for your continued support of your local Smith's store.
Don't forget to use your newsletter, website, and events to encourage your supporters to link to your organization. The more your supporters shop with us, the more money your organization will earn!

Remember with the new Smith’s Inspiring Donations program all participants must enroll every year.

The new payout cycle for Inspiring Donations:
Earning Period (Organizations Receive Check)
Quarter 1 July - September (October)
Quarter 2 October-December (January)
Quarter 3 January – March (April)
Quarter 4 April -June (July)

If you haven’t already done so please sign and return a new Terms and Conditions by December 31, 2017

Return options:
Fax: 801-974-1450
Mail: PO Box 30550, Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Thank you,
Smith’s Inspiring Donations Staff